At the Heart of Wholehearted Empire

I am so glad you found this wholehearted place! I began building this little empire as a curiosity project for myself.

A few years ago I realized I had very little joy in my academically and professionally "successful" life. I had made a long series of what I call half-hearted choices--choosing to do what seemed logical over what felt right. Over the years, these half-hearted choices unwittingly lead me astray from myself. 

So, I became curious. What if I stopped talking myself into liking my life? What if I stopped letting fear justify living a half-hearted life? What if I gave myself permission to do what gave me joy? What if I could actually feel enthusiastic about my life?

What if I let myself be the artist, the designer, the writer, the poet, the photographer and anything else I wanted to be? What if I didn't let anyone (especially myself) stand in my way?

Wholehearted Empire Blog Deepak Chopra Quote with Sunrise
So, through my curiosity I began to explore the pent up creativity inside of me. Through my creativity I discovered so much joy and enthusiasm! Through my joy I found playfulness and felt less fear. And with less fear, I learned what it felt like to truly believe in myself.

Believing in oneself is a magical feeling, and I'll tell you why. Despite enjoying art as a child, I did not decide at an early age that I wanted to become an artist or a designer. In fact I have a Master's degree in a field I would consider to be on the opposite end of the spectrum from art. 

I am what you could call a mid-life rebellion creative. This little poem I wrote sums it up nicely:
Mid-life Rebellion Poem Wholehearted Empire
I create art as a rebellion against perfectionism which has controlled me my whole life. I create art because it is an expression of my voice which I have kept silent my whole life. I create art because creativity sets me free and allows me to be me. 

So there you have it. At the heart of Wholehearted Empire there is curiosity, creativity, joy, insight, and most of all freedom--freedom from the fear and limiting beliefs I so diligently used to convince myself to live half-heartedly.

If anything I said here hit you in your heart or your gut, let me know in the comments below. And of course, feel free to share this post with your followers on social media if it resonated with you. 

Let's talk again soon!


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