Full heart. Open heart. Wild heart. 
My heart is full because I nourish it with joy. 
My heart is open because empathy connects us all. 
My heart is wild because it will not be caged by fear. 
My heart is whole because it is full, open, and wild. 

Annie at Wholehearted Empire
Welcome! I am Annie and this is my shop. Wholehearted Empire is an online pop-up shop where you can buy hand-painted journals, artwork and other handcrafted creations.

Everything in my online shop is handmade (by me) in Michigan. Everything I make is an expression of empowerment, joy, freedom and insight, which is why Wholehearted Empire is actually more than just an online shop!

I want this place to empower you. May it empower the tender-hearted, feeling, creative, playful parts of you that you've been told you cannot be.

I want this place to inspire you. May it inspire you to shed what you feel half-hearted about to make room to discover what you wholeheartedly love.

I want this place to embolden you. May it give you the courage you need to free yourself of the fear that holds you back.

To fully enjoy Wholehearted Empire, I recommend:

  • Signing up for my email list below. Everyone on my email list gets access to shop 2 days before the pop-up shop is open!
  • Following Wholehearted Empire on Instagram and Facebook so that we can get to know each other and you can meet the rest of the community!
  • Checking out the blog where we have heart-to-heart conversations.
  • If you are subscribed to Medium, follow me there too. I use Medium to publish my poetry and other creative writing.

Got it? Great! Are you excited? I am excited! Oh, and again, WELCOME! I am so glad you are here. 



P.S. My online pop-up shop opens about once per month. Read about how it works.