Annie at Wholehearted Empire

Welcome! I am so glad you found this wholehearted place! I am Annie, and I hand make everything in this shop.

Today, Wholehearted Empire is an online shop where you can buy my hand-painted earrings! But, I want to tell you how it began.

A few years ago, I realized I had very little joy in my "successful" life. I had made a long series of what I call half-hearted choices--choosing to do what seemed logical over what felt right. Over the years, these half-hearted choices unwittingly lead me astray from my creativity and therefore myself. 

So, I became curious. What if I gave myself permission to live a creative life and be myself? What if I could create a business doing what I wholeheartedly love instead of continuing to live a life based on what I believed "should" do?

I started creating—I allowed myself to play and try any creative art or craft that sounded fun. I created with curiosity and without expectation. If it brought me joy, I kept doing it. If it did not bring me joy, I tried it once but did not force it. It was through my creativity that I found the courage to fully be myself.

I fell in love with painting and eventually started making hand-painted, hand-stitched journals. One day while making journals, I felt a spark of curiosity to try something new. I wanted to make a pair of earrings.

It occurred to me that I could make the earrings out of the hardboard I used for my journal covers. It worked splendidly! And I loved them! Not only were they oh-so-pretty, but they were lightweight (like, remarkably lightweight)! And my social media community got excited about them too! And so, I made more…

You may be here simply for the earrings—nothing wrong with that! But, my deepest wish is that, maybe, in addition to a stellar pair of earrings, this place can give you something more.

I want this place to empower you. May it empower you to nurture the creative and playful parts of you that you've been told you cannot be.

I want this place to inspire you. May it inspire you to make room for more joy in your life.

I want this place to embolden you. May it give you the courage you need to free yourself of the fear that holds you back.

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Got it? Great! Again, WELCOME! I am so glad you are here. 



P.S. I also sell a selection of earrings on Etsy, and I offer International Shipping through my Etsy Shop. You can check out my Etsy Shop here.