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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the earrings made of?
Each earring is made of durable, lightweight, chipboard, acrylic paint and a moisture-resistant, protective, clear acrylic finish.

What is chipboard?
Chipboard is a durable fibered paper that is several millimeters thick and is often made from recycled paper. The chipboard used at Wholehearted Empire is made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste. Chipboard is often used in book making to create the hard cover for hardback books. Unlike regular paper, chipboard is very rigid and thick and does not bend easily.

Is your metal nickel free?
Yes, all metal used is nickel free.

Can my earrings get wet?
The acrylic paint and clear acrylic finish creates a moisture-resistant barrier. This barrier offers a level of protection in cases of accidental exposure to small amounts of moisture such as getting caught in the rain. Please take care to pat your earrings dry if they are exposed to moisture. Please treat them like you would any fine jewelry and remove them before swimming, showering or bathing. 

Do you ship internationally?
I do! But, right now I only offer international shipping through my Etsy Shop.

I love my earrings! How can I leave a review?
If you purchased through Etsy, and you have an Etsy account, you can easily leave a review on my Etsy Shop. If you purchased your earrings through this site, the best place to leave a review is on my Wholehearted Empire Facebook Business Page

Still have questions?
Contact Annie here.